Jun 022011

As its name suggests, Playa de Gandia is the summer, coastal resort area of Gandia and lies a short distance from the main, inland town. With a large number of hotels and self-catering apartments offering accommodation from modest to luxury, Playa de Gandia is also the proud possessor of one of the finest beaches to be found anywhere in the Mediterranean. Awarded the prestigious Blue Flag award, the beach is backed by a beautiful promenade some seven kilometres long with shops, bars and restaurants which together provide the tourist with everything they could need for a complete seaside holiday. Book Gandia Hotels.

Enjoy the region’s most important events and discover its customs, culture and people first hand…

Discover and hidden nooks and crannies of La Safor and you’ll love the variety.The surreal and beautiful mountain formations and the landscape throughout La Safor make this district a nature lovers paradise for scaling to peaks and descending into ravines and seeing the native species. You will find a great variety of ecological hiking and biking trails and campgrounds all within a magnificent natural setting.