Jul 192011

This weekend was another party weekend at Gandia Casa Rural, with a group of girls from the nearby town of Xátiva arriving on Friday early evening to spend the weekend celebrating the fact that one of them was getting married the following week. Another “Despedida de Soltera” at Villa Florencia!

Friday evening saw the arrival of only six girls, but four more were due to arrive on Saturday for the rest of the weekend. The first six soon settled in and made themselves a special dinner on the terrace, and spent the evening through until the early hours in the gardens and pool, once the meal had been finished.

The following day was one of high temperatures and constant sunshine – so the perfect day for the girls to spend in the pool or tanning in the gardens whilst they waited for the last of the group to arrive. During the afternoon the remaining four arrived, and soon joined their friends in the pool enjoying the lovely weather. Although we are close to Playa de Gandía with its magnificent beach, the girls preferred to spend their time in the gardens here, rather than go to the playa with the chance of being uncomfortably hot – rather stay here and cool off in the pool regularly! Later on, they said that the “man from the mobile disco” would be calling round to set up his equipment, and that they hoped this was all right – it seemed like it would be the perfect evening for a party around the pool, so why not?

The disco man duly arrived to assemble the equipment, with two speakers in the gardens and the mixing deck up on the terrace – all set up and tested in a remarkably short space of time, and ready for the disco proper, which was scheduled to start at about 11.30pm. The girls filled the intervening time with a meal of barbecued meat accompanied by salad, and a leisurely length of time in which to get ready for the evening’s party.

Shortly after midnight the Mobile Disco DJ arrived, and the party got into full swing with a great selection of music – some Spanish standards, some international disco hits from the eighties, current Spanish pop and of course modern dance music too. The girls had a great time in and around the pool, with the music from the speakers filling the gardens with sound. At around 2.00am, however, it was time to move the party indoors and the party continued until about 3.30am, when it was time for the DJ to pack up and leave. Some of the girls carried on chatting and listening to music for a while after, but everyone agreed it had been a wonderful party and a great way to wish Clara a long and happy marriage.

Sunday was even hotter than Saturday had been, so the girls very easily succumbed to temptation and stayed around the pool all day, having got up around 11.00am. They had a meal during the early afternoon, but finally the time came for them to leave.