Aug 222011

Several weeks ago we received a booking from a Spanish family who wanted to come and stay with us for a week and self-cater for themselves on a “Casa Rural” basis – i.e. renting a bedroom in the main house, but making use of the kitchen facilities for their evening meals. This suited them very well, as there were two sons of nearly 5 and nearly 2 years old in the family, so they were able to prepare their meals at a time to suit them, and still have time to relax in the garden after Miquel and Guillem had gone to sleep.
They had driven from their home near Barcelona, arrived in the early afternoon, and soon settled in to their room and organised themselves in the kitchen. They were not familiar with this part of the country, and – even though they were Spanish themselves – were unaware of what a great resort for families Gandía is. That first day they spent round the pool and in the garden, having had a long trip in the car with the two little ones, but the next day wanted to set out to explore everything that the area has to offer.

Gandía beach was the obvious choice, and when you are on a self-catering casa rural holiday, it is very easy to pack everything in the car in the morning and go to the beach for the main part of the day, with everything you might need readily to hand. They were very impressed with the family-friendly facilities that are available at Playa de Gandía, and soon realised that they had chosen a perfect holiday destination – albeit unwittingly! They soon settled into a regular routine of going to a beach in the morning, staying there until mid-afternoon, returning to the villa for a siesta, and then spending the rest of the afternoon and early evening in the pool until it was time for the children’s evening meal.
Other beaches were explored as well, mainly at Daimus and Oliva, although they did venture to Benidorm one morning.

They returned by early afternoon, though, saying that they had heard so much about it that they felt they could not come to this part of the northern Costa Blanca without at least seeing what was there for the day-visitor. It is only a 40 minute drive from Gandía, so it is easy to have a short visit there and still return to Villa Florencia for the rest of the day.
Miquel and Guillem had a wonderful time each afternoon in the pool here, and Miquel especially gained great confidence in learning to swim. In only a few days he was jumping in and swimming around with no trepidation at all, and both boys thoroughly enjoyed their time here.

Sadly, their week with us was over all too soon, and it was time for them to leave. However, their vacation time was not over completely, as they were travelling on to visit relatives near Madrid for a few days before finally returning home to just north of Barcelona. They had had a great time here, and the facilities of the casa rural had suited them perfectly. Hopefully they will return next year and see even more of what this part of the Costa Blanca has to offer.

Aug 122011

Last weekend we were really pleased to welcome back some guests from last year – 2 groups of girls who enjoy coming to Gandía for its nightlife, but at the same time like to stay in a quiet rural location. Gandia Casa Rural offered them the ideal place to stay, where they could self-cater and have a short break but enjoy all the benefits the house has to offer at the same time.
The first group of four friends come from Segovia, and have visited us twice in the past. The other two girls are from Castellón, and last year was their first visit to Gandia Casa Rural. Since they had not stayed with us at the same time as each other previously, the two groups soon got to know each other and became friends, and went out to Playa de Gandía together on the Saturday night. Before that, however, there was plenty of time for relaxing around the pool and making the most of the facilities of the casa rural.

Friday was spent settling in and then going to the beach at Playa de Gandía, returning in the evening and then having a leisurely barbecue in the garden. They all had a very peaceful day, and the girls from Castellón decided then to go to CocoLoco – a well-known dance club down at Playa de Gandía – for the rest of the evening until the early hours. The Segovia group stayed at Gandia Casa Rural and enjoyed spending time relaxing and listening to music in the garden.

Saturday was most definitely a day for going to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day and it would have been a shame not to have made the most of the opportunity, so everyone left during the morning and only returned much later in the day, leaving a little time for a swim in the pool. After that, it was time for a meal and then a rest before setting off to Playa de Gandía for a night’s entertainment in the bar area, followed by one of the other dance clubs – this time Falkata.

The girls all went out together, since they wanted to go to the same club, and by this time had become good friends. Playa de Gandía can be relied upon to provide its visitors with a great night out, and this was no exception. They returned to Gandia Casa Rural in the early morning, and of course – most understandably – went to bed until the early afternoon.

After that, it was time to spend time in the pool for a reviving swim and then prepare a meal in the early evening. The girls from Segovia were leaving on the Sunday night as they wanted to avoid driving in the heat of the day and make the most of their time with us, but unfortunately they had to work on Monday, so were unable to spend the extra night with us.

The two friends from Castellón, however, had decided to spend Sunday night at Gandía Casa Rural, as they were on a longer holiday and did not have to return home until Monday afternoon.

Both groups had a wonderful time here again though, and it was great to welcome them back once more. They all said they would definitely return next year, and it will be a pleasure as always to see them.

Aug 042011

We received a phone call a week ago from a past guest who wanted to return to us again – always a request we are pleased to get! This lady and her husband live in Guadalajara near Madrid, and the last time they had come with another couple on a bed and breakfast basis. This time, however, she was interested in a villa rental holiday, and they wanted to bring a third couple with them as well.

A villa rental sounded like a great idea for them, since it would give them the full flexibility that they were looking for, and they remembered that we have a self-catering apartment as an integrated part of the main house. This would be the ideal size for the six of them, and a more economical option compared to renting the main house, which can sleep a maximum of twelve people. Naturally, they would be able to make use of all the facilities of Villa Florencia that are available to all our guests, whether they are villa renters, B&B guests, or renting the self-catering apartment.

They were only able to come for two nights, so the fact that we can rent out the apartment for such a short period was a huge bonus for them. They arrived on Monday in the early afternoon and were delighted with the facilities that the apartment had to offer. They had already done their food shopping in Gandía so unpacked everything without delay, and settled in to holiday mood around the pool within a few minutes.

Because most of them were returning guests, they felt at home straightaway and lost no time in enjoying the sunshine in the garden and around the pool. After a trip down to the blue-flag beach at Playa de Gandía, they returned and decided that Monday evening was to be barbecue evening, so they spent the late evening enjoying their barbecued food in the open air, and swimming in the pool until it was eventually time to get some sleep.

Tuesday was another beautiful day, so the late morning was spent around the pool and in the gardens, before another trip to the beach – for a little longer this time. They took drinks and snacks with them, and only returned at about eight o‘clock in the evening, in time to prepare a meal and spend time until the early hours relaxing, listening to music and chatting in the garden.

Since we are as flexible as possible concerning check-out times, they were able to make the most of their villa rental short break and stayed until five o’clock in the afternoon, before reluctantly packing their things into their cars and setting off for Guadalajara – a trip of about five hours. It was a pleasure to see them again, having first welcomed them in 2009, and even better that they wanted to bring new friends with them.

They were all delighted with the concept of a villa rental, but one which had more flexibility and was perfectly suited to the size of their group, and said they felt very much more relaxed after their stay. We look forward to seeing them again in the future, and maybe even with a larger group of friends the next time!

Aug 012011

Last Friday we were happy to welcome a group of Italian friends who had come to Gandía to celebrate a wedding. The bride (Carme) is a local girl who now lives in Italy, is marrying an Italian man, and who had returned to her hometown for the ceremony. This group of 16 friends were the guests of the groom, and Villa Florencia was the ideal base for them to stay together for a weekend that combined time spent at the ceremony and party, as well as a chance for a short self-catering break in the sun.

Most of them arrived on the Friday in the late afternoon, although a few followed on in the early evening, having come in on later flights. They had decided that a villa rental would be the best option for them, and would give them a greater degree of flexibility and freedom, rather than staying in a hotel. They very quickly organised themselves with shopping trips for food and refreshments and settled in to an evening around the pool, before setting off to the bride’s family’s house for a pre-wedding party.

Saturday was the actual day of the ceremony, but they only had to leave at 8.00pm for the celebrations, so the whole day was a chance for them to catch up with each other – they had all known each other for a long time, but of course did not now all live close together. Much time was spent around the pool, in the gardens and socialising over a long barbecue lunch. Later in the day it was time to get ready to leave for the celebrations that had brought them here – the wedding itself – and provided a great opportunity for all the girls to dress in their finest. The men also wore smart suits or jackets, and the group looked the epitome of Italian style as they departed!

In true Spanish custom, the celebrations went on well into the small hours, and most of them only returned around six o’clock on the Sunday morning. One unfortunate member of the group, however, had to leave on an early Sunday morning flight, so went straight from the party to Valencia airport, and three others of the group had to follow slightly later on the Sunday morning. Work commitments demanded that they be back for Monday!

The rest of the party were staying until the Monday morning, however, so they were able to make the most of their time relaxing around the pool and in the gardens on the Sunday. They gradually appeared during the course of the morning and early afternoon, and spent the day enjoying each other’s company, before going out to Playa de Gandía for a meal and some drinks in the evening.

Monday morning dawned, and it was time for them to leave, although some were returning to Italy, whilst a small group were travelling to the north of Spain for a week’s holiday there, and one couple was heading off to catch a ferry to the holiday island of Formentera. They may have been going in different directions, but they all agreed that they had very much enjoyed their time at Villa Florencia, and that the self-catering villa rental option had been the perfect way for them to visit the Gandia area and celebrate the wedding of their friend. We were glad to have them visit us, and happy that they felt their trip was a success.