Aug 122011

Last weekend we were really pleased to welcome back some guests from last year – 2 groups of girls who enjoy coming to Gandía for its nightlife, but at the same time like to stay in a quiet rural location. Gandia Casa Rural offered them the ideal place to stay, where they could self-cater and have a short break but enjoy all the benefits the house has to offer at the same time.
The first group of four friends come from Segovia, and have visited us twice in the past. The other two girls are from Castellón, and last year was their first visit to Gandia Casa Rural. Since they had not stayed with us at the same time as each other previously, the two groups soon got to know each other and became friends, and went out to Playa de Gandía together on the Saturday night. Before that, however, there was plenty of time for relaxing around the pool and making the most of the facilities of the casa rural.

Friday was spent settling in and then going to the beach at Playa de Gandía, returning in the evening and then having a leisurely barbecue in the garden. They all had a very peaceful day, and the girls from Castellón decided then to go to CocoLoco – a well-known dance club down at Playa de Gandía – for the rest of the evening until the early hours. The Segovia group stayed at Gandia Casa Rural and enjoyed spending time relaxing and listening to music in the garden.

Saturday was most definitely a day for going to the beach. It was a beautiful sunny day and it would have been a shame not to have made the most of the opportunity, so everyone left during the morning and only returned much later in the day, leaving a little time for a swim in the pool. After that, it was time for a meal and then a rest before setting off to Playa de Gandía for a night’s entertainment in the bar area, followed by one of the other dance clubs – this time Falkata.

The girls all went out together, since they wanted to go to the same club, and by this time had become good friends. Playa de Gandía can be relied upon to provide its visitors with a great night out, and this was no exception. They returned to Gandia Casa Rural in the early morning, and of course – most understandably – went to bed until the early afternoon.

After that, it was time to spend time in the pool for a reviving swim and then prepare a meal in the early evening. The girls from Segovia were leaving on the Sunday night as they wanted to avoid driving in the heat of the day and make the most of their time with us, but unfortunately they had to work on Monday, so were unable to spend the extra night with us.

The two friends from Castellón, however, had decided to spend Sunday night at Gandía Casa Rural, as they were on a longer holiday and did not have to return home until Monday afternoon.

Both groups had a wonderful time here again though, and it was great to welcome them back once more. They all said they would definitely return next year, and it will be a pleasure as always to see them.