Mar 262012

The middle of March always seems to mark the beginning of the new season and the onset of Spring, with the fiesta of Fallas and early guests in search of some warm sunshine on the Costa Blanca.  This year was no exception, and we were pleased to welcome guests from England as well as from Spain.

Mike and Maggie decided to see for themselves what the fiesta of Fallas in Gandía was all about, having been recommended by a friend that it was an event not to be missed.  They also wanted to find some early warmth and sunshine, and they were not disappointed.  The weather was almost consistently bright and clear, and was perfect for the combination of sightseeing, walking and relaxing that they had in mind.  They spent six days with us, and always found plenty to see and do, even if a trip to Valencia city was not on their itinerary – they had already visited there in the past, and wanted to get to know the surrounding area this time instead.  They found Gandía to be a delightful town, and the fiesta of Fallas was taking place there at the time of their visit too, so gave them a taste of what it is all about, without the crowds of Valencia city itself.

Other guests included a family who normally lived right in the centre of Valencia, and who had decided to spend some time away from the noise and bustle of the city at fiesta time.  Again, Gandía seemed a good compromise for them, and they wanted to make use of the self-catering apartment that we have available, with a view possibly to returning here at some stage over the summer period as well. The facilities suited them perfectly, as the son of the family is already an adult so the space provided in the apartment with its two en-suite bedrooms was the ideal solution.  The rural and tranquil environment of Villa Florencia – with its traditional Casa Rural feel – was just what they were seeking for their long weekend away from the city, and when they left, it was with assurances that they would return later in the season to see us once more.

We also played host to a group of three friends from Madrid, who had chosen to come to the area precisely in search of the Fallas fiesta, rather than to get away from it!  Steven was, in fact, originally from the United States but had lived and worked in Spain for several years and currently lives in Madrid.  The others were Spanish, and wanted to come to see what the Valencian fiesta was all about, as well as getting a taste of some Costa Blanca sunshine on the beautiful, award winning beaches that Gandía has to offer.  Steven chose to remain in the Gandía area while his friends visited Valencia city for the day – they wanted to sample the whole Fallas experience – whereas Steven had done so in the past and felt a day in the sun would be more beneficial!  They all had a great visit though, and spent their time out and about during the day, and dining in Gandía or Play de Gandía by night.

Many different reasons brought our guests to stay with us at the start of the season – some in search of some Costa Blanca sunshine, some looking for a fiesta that is found only in this region, and some even wanting to escape the city noise and bustle associated with that very same fiesta – but all agreed that Gandía and its surroundings provided just the Spring tonic they were all looking for.