May 032012

Jamie and Joanna booked in to stay with us for a week shortly after Easter, with the intention of visiting their son in nearby Denia during the course of their visit.  However, immediately after their arrival here they set off to see David and his girlfriend Charlotte, and asked if there would be availability for them to stay here for the first couple of nights also.  This was not a problem at all, and so we were pleased to welcome the whole family to stay later on in the day.

As a family group, they were very keen on outdoor activities, and were pleased – and surprised – to find just what was available on our doorstep in the way of walking and especially mountain biking opportunities.  We were glad to be able to introduce them to Dave Warrington, who runs a business in nearby La Drova and specialises in mountain bike hire, either accompanying his clients on guided and recommended routes or leaving them to their own devices.

Jamie and Joanna found that this was the perfect catalyst for a great – and somewhat impromptu – family holiday, as David and Charlotte soon decided they would like to stay with us for the duration and take advantage of the outdoor activities.  Most days they would set off – sometimes with Dave and sometimes independently – taking a packed lunch with them, and they would return during the course of the late afternoon, having explored a given route through the local mountains and hills.  Every day was a delight for them, because not only had they been largely unaware before they arrived of the existence of so many routes in the area and the beauty of the local surroundings, but also because of the fact that they were able to spend so much unanticipated time in the company of their son and his girlfriend.

One day they decided to have a break from biking and took the local train to the city of Valencia in order to do some sightseeing and get to know a city that they had not visited before.  Again, they were pleasantly surprised by what Valencia had to offer and the beauty and elegance of the architecture in the historic part of the town.  Coupled with the contrast of the ultra-modern architecture of the City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias), they fully appreciated the diversity of everything that the area has to offer other than the standard expectation of Costa Blanca sunshine and beach!

By the end of their visit, they had had a really great time exploring the area on their unplanned activity holiday, as well as being able to spend far more quality time together as a family than they had envisaged.  It had been an excellent combination of biking and sightseeing, and of course they also managed to fit in some relaxation in the gardens here as well.

David and Charlotte returned to Denia to resume their obligations there tending horses and helping out on a smallholding, whilst Jamie and Joanna went back to England feeling they had had a refreshing and invigorating break from routine.  The weather had been sunny and warm – perfect for biking and getting out and about – so a good time was had by everyone.  We look forward to the possibility of welcoming them back here again in the future, as David and Charlotte are planning on spending quite a considerable time here in Spain, so you never know ….. another family reunion could be on the cards!