May 212012

This past weekend was the next in the “Despedida” season, with a booking for eleven girls from Madrid who had reserved the house for the weekend. The bride was getting married in July, and they all planned to spend some time together for a leisurely weekend of relaxation and sunshine.

They arrived in three cars on Friday night at about 10.30, having encountered heavy traffic after leaving Madrid. However, they soon settled in to their rooms and then set about preparing a meal and listening to music up on the terrace. They were delighted with the facilities of the villa, and were looking forward to seeing the surroundings of the gardens in daylight, but meanwhile were more than happy to talk most of the night away together.

Saturday was a beautiful day, and they were happy to spend it in and around the pool, making a start on their summer tans and preparing for the evening ahead. Relaxation was the name of the game for Saturday, so the girls decided to order some home-delivery pizzas, in anticipation of visiting a restaurant for their main meal of the day in the evening, before then going on to Falkata disco. They set up a large table at one end of the pool under sunshades and had a leisurely lunch before then enjoying a siesta, either in their rooms or beneath the parasols.

They had arranged special transportation courtesy of the Falkata disco for that evening, so at 10.00pm a Falkata minibus pulled up outside the villa to take the girls out for the rest of the night. They were all dressed up and ready for photo opportunities on the front steps in plenty of time before the transport arrived, and then they were driven off to Playa de Gandía for a night on the town.

Sunday morning was spent in the sunshine around the pool, with the girls gradually emerging as the day wore on. They had had a great time the night before, and only very reluctantly started packing their cars for the return trip to Madrid. However, the time had come to leave and so we bade them farewell, but they had had a thoroughly enjoyable time and had been most welcome guests. Hopefully some of them may return to us in the future for a summer break from the city – we would be delighted to see them again, as it had been our pleasure to have them visit us here in Gandía.