Jul 212012

Returning Guests from Belgium

We were really pleased to welcome Frans and Marita again, who were visiting us for their third visit. Previously, they had travelled to us from Belgium on their motorbike, taking advantage of our motorbike friendly accommodation with the safe and secure parking that we have available. They then would spend a few days with us, touring around the area on their bike and exploring the beautiful inland scenery that this part of the Costa Blanca has to offer.

This time, however, they arrived in a beautiful Mercedes cabriolet sports car – apparently their motor-biking days are over in the quest for greater comfort and style!! They had driven from Belgium, spending two nights on the way, and arrived with us in the middle of a beautiful, sunny afternoon. They wanted just to relax and unwind straight away and said they felt like they were coming to their second home! In no time at all they were relaxing in the pool and enjoying the first sunny weather they had seen for a long time. Belgium has, so they said, been having terrible weather this year, in common with most of the rest of northern Europe.

They spent much of their four days with us enjoying time in the gardens or taking short trips in their car to visit bars and restaurants that they were familiar with. Some evenings they would dine with us and our other guests, but on other occasions they would drive out for a meal in one of the towns or villages nearby. It was great for them to be able to get into a holiday frame of mind so quickly, and just what they wanted!

Their holiday plans for the rest of their trip to Spain were to go to Granada when they left us, and after that they were intending to meet up with friends near Malaga for a couple of weeks down in the south. It was a real pleasure to see them again, and especially so that they still wanted to return to us even when the factor of motorbike friendly accommodation was no longer a pre-requisite of their holiday accommodation choices.

Jul 142012


It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Bernard and Grace back again recently. They had also stayed with us,in our Bed and Breakfast  in May of this year, during which time they found a house they wanted to purchase. This is with a view to moving to Spain on a permanent basis, not just as a holiday home, so it was a decision they had to be really sure of.

This time they decided to rent our self-catering apartment for a week in order to combine some rest and recreation with practical matters concerning their impending purchase – not least of which was to have a good and leisurely look around the house and gardens to get a proper “feel” for it. Using the self-catering option was also going to give them the opportunity to get to know the local shops and supermarkets, so that when they made the big move, they would know some of the basics of where they liked to shop and would feel more at home straightaway.

Much of their time was also spent in the gardens here at Villa Florencia relaxing and having a real holiday around the pool – which was even more appreciated after Bernard had to visit the local hospital briefly one morning. This was only to check up on a condition that recurs from time to time and to obtain some additional medicines that the doctor there felt would be of benefit, but in a strange way the experience reassured Bernard that the Spanish healthcare system really does work promptly and efficiently, so their minds were put at ease on that aspect of life in Spain also.

They managed to get answers to questions that had occurred to them since their previous visit, as well as spending some time up at their prospective purchase in La Drova, so they deemed the visit a great success. They still feel that the house is the right one for them to buy and that they will fit in well in the community there, so they are looking forward to the transaction going through with eager anticipation, although of course many practical things have to be arranged before then concerning furniture removal, renting out a property in the UK, etc. They are looking towards a purchase date in early September, so the time between now and then will simply rush past, with so many things to organise and arrange.

After a week we bade farewell to them, but their stay had been a very positive one. They felt they had had a relaxing holiday, as well as confirming in their minds that they were doing the right thing and so they were looking forward to September even more than they had been before. They made another reservation with us for the time of their purchase, so we can confidently say we are looking forward to meeting them again, and the next time not just as guests, but in fact as near neighbours!

Jul 092012

Just Passing Through!

We received a reservation from Didier and Carole Jeanjean for a one night’s stay for themselves and their three children recently, so were pleased to welcome them when they arrived last Thursday. They had set off from their home in France at 5.00am, so arrived with us around lunchtime with the intention of relaxing for the rest of the day around the pool.

They were on their way to spend two weeks in the south of the country near Marbella, but were going to go to Granada first in order to see the world-famous Alhambra so we were a convenient stop-off point on the Costa Blanca along the way. They were taking time off from their olive oil producing business near Nîmes for a family holiday and we were ideally placed for their overnight break.

They had also decided to take advantage of our evening meal service in order to avoid having to find a restaurant in the town and to enable them to make the most of their rest time in the sunshine. They were delightful guests and it was great that they joined us for dinner, although they went to bed soon afterwards to make up for the early start they had had.

The following morning they had breakfast and we wished them “Bon Voyage” when they departed on the final part of their journey at around 9.00am. They loved the surroundings of the area, as well as the villa itself, and assured us they would stay with us again at some point in the future, and certainly whenever they found themselves on the Costa Blanca and wanting an overnight stop – or maybe even for a longer family holiday! We look forward to seeing them again.

Jul 042012

Raymond Ceulemans & Mrs Ceulemans

This past week were delighted to welcome a group of people involved in the Juanjo Trilles Challenge – a billiards challenge between the two top players in the world (Dick Jaspers and Frederic Caudron) to determine who really is the best player over a match of long duration – four days – thereby minimising any factor of luck that could be associated with shorter games.

The tournament was being streamed live by the Kozoom organisation, and we provided accommodation not only for their production crew and executives, but also for some celebrities from the billiards world itself. Billiards is hugely popular in many countries of mainland Europe, and this was reflected in the guests who stayed at Villa Florencia Casa Rural.

The Kozoom production team arrived on Monday, followed on Tuesday by the billiards celebrities Jean Claude Dupont (president of the UMB the world federation of billiards) and his wife, and then Raymond Ceulemans and his wife (who has won 35 world titles, 48 European titles and 61 national titles). Both these prominent figures come from Belgium, and they were joined later in the day by the Frenchman Bernard Boudoin, ranked third in Europe, with his wife.

The tournament itself got underway on the Wednesday and lasted until Saturday, and consisted of morning sessions with a break for lunch, and then followed by further sessions later in the afternoon. The Kozoom team and the other guests would often return to us during the middle part of the day for a rest and some relaxation around the pool and in the gardens, before being collected later in the day for the remaining sessions of the tournament. Evenings were taken up with dinners at the premises of the tournament before a final return to Villa Florencia and nightcaps in the garden.

The whole event was a great success and ended with a gala dinner and party on the Saturday night with fireworks, dancing and entertainment. It was really great to be able to welcome such a different mixture of guests from our usual clientele, and so very interesting to meet people who are true stars and celebrities in their chosen sport. This is the second billiards event hosted by Juanjo Trilles – last year was an event for Artistic Billiards – and we look forward to the possibility of future events of a similar nature.