Jul 142012


It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Bernard and Grace back again recently. They had also stayed with us,in our Bed and Breakfast  in May of this year, during which time they found a house they wanted to purchase. This is with a view to moving to Spain on a permanent basis, not just as a holiday home, so it was a decision they had to be really sure of.

This time they decided to rent our self-catering apartment for a week in order to combine some rest and recreation with practical matters concerning their impending purchase – not least of which was to have a good and leisurely look around the house and gardens to get a proper “feel” for it. Using the self-catering option was also going to give them the opportunity to get to know the local shops and supermarkets, so that when they made the big move, they would know some of the basics of where they liked to shop and would feel more at home straightaway.

Much of their time was also spent in the gardens here at Villa Florencia relaxing and having a real holiday around the pool – which was even more appreciated after Bernard had to visit the local hospital briefly one morning. This was only to check up on a condition that recurs from time to time and to obtain some additional medicines that the doctor there felt would be of benefit, but in a strange way the experience reassured Bernard that the Spanish healthcare system really does work promptly and efficiently, so their minds were put at ease on that aspect of life in Spain also.

They managed to get answers to questions that had occurred to them since their previous visit, as well as spending some time up at their prospective purchase in La Drova, so they deemed the visit a great success. They still feel that the house is the right one for them to buy and that they will fit in well in the community there, so they are looking forward to the transaction going through with eager anticipation, although of course many practical things have to be arranged before then concerning furniture removal, renting out a property in the UK, etc. They are looking towards a purchase date in early September, so the time between now and then will simply rush past, with so many things to organise and arrange.

After a week we bade farewell to them, but their stay had been a very positive one. They felt they had had a relaxing holiday, as well as confirming in their minds that they were doing the right thing and so they were looking forward to September even more than they had been before. They made another reservation with us for the time of their purchase, so we can confidently say we are looking forward to meeting them again, and the next time not just as guests, but in fact as near neighbours!