Jul 212012

Returning Guests from Belgium

We were really pleased to welcome Frans and Marita again, who were visiting us for their third visit. Previously, they had travelled to us from Belgium on their motorbike, taking advantage of our motorbike friendly accommodation with the safe and secure parking that we have available. They then would spend a few days with us, touring around the area on their bike and exploring the beautiful inland scenery that this part of the Costa Blanca has to offer.

This time, however, they arrived in a beautiful Mercedes cabriolet sports car – apparently their motor-biking days are over in the quest for greater comfort and style!! They had driven from Belgium, spending two nights on the way, and arrived with us in the middle of a beautiful, sunny afternoon. They wanted just to relax and unwind straight away and said they felt like they were coming to their second home! In no time at all they were relaxing in the pool and enjoying the first sunny weather they had seen for a long time. Belgium has, so they said, been having terrible weather this year, in common with most of the rest of northern Europe.

They spent much of their four days with us enjoying time in the gardens or taking short trips in their car to visit bars and restaurants that they were familiar with. Some evenings they would dine with us and our other guests, but on other occasions they would drive out for a meal in one of the towns or villages nearby. It was great for them to be able to get into a holiday frame of mind so quickly, and just what they wanted!

Their holiday plans for the rest of their trip to Spain were to go to Granada when they left us, and after that they were intending to meet up with friends near Malaga for a couple of weeks down in the south. It was a real pleasure to see them again, and especially so that they still wanted to return to us even when the factor of motorbike friendly accommodation was no longer a pre-requisite of their holiday accommodation choices.