Sep 162012
Pet Friendly Accommodation Costa Blanca

The Full Monty!

We received a booking request for one night from John and Jacqui, who asked if we could accommodate them, along with their Cockapoo named Monti. We always say that we welcome owners as well as their pets, so of course replied that the three of them would be very welcome. They were in fact travelling down to their holiday home in Andalusia, having driven down through France visiting friends along the way. This part of the Costa Blanca is a very convenient point to stop along the way down to the south of the country, and the Bed and Breakfast accommodation that we offer is a very convenient option. Added to that is the fact that guests can choose to take advantage of our evening meal service, so there is no need to look for a restaurant in unfamiliar surroundings after a long drive during the day. The pet-friendly accommodation that we offer only served as an additional inducement for John and Jacqui to stay with us – it was the perfect solution for them.

Monti was a beautiful and friendly 8 month old cross poodle and cocker spaniel (hence Copckapoo), who was a real delight and who soon became friends and playmates with our three dogs. Lola – our Spanish Mastiff – was wary of her male visitor at first but soon realised that there was no need to assert herself … much easier just to play and romp around together, which is exactly what they all did in no time at all.

John and Jacqui were delighted that they were able to relax after their drive from their last overnight stop near Perpignan and enjoyed some time in the garden and pool watching the dogs play together. Then it was time for a quick change of scenery so we took all four dogs for a short walk in the park behind the villa, before returning in time for a relaxing and convivial dinner together.
Pet Friendly accommodation
The next morning it was, of course, time for John and Jacqui to carry on with their journey to their holiday home, so our dogs had to say good-bye to their new-found friend, and Monti happily jumped in to the back of John’s car and was safely secured for the trip to Andalusia. It was absolutely great to have them say with us overnight, and they had a thoroughly enjoyable time and felt able to unwind quickly from the previous leg of their journey. We very much look forward to seeing them in the future and it goes without saying that Lola, Aurora and Sandy would love to reacquaint themselves with Monti again – no doubt a noticeably larger dog the next time we see him!