Mar 302013

Spanish Property

Sold! Spanish Property Sellers

Jeanette and Kevin from the UK made a booking to come and stay with us this week, as they had sold their holiday villa in La Drova to another couple who had been property hunters – also from the UK – who were wanting to have a holiday base in the La Safor area.
Jeanette and Kevin decided to make an unhurried trip of it, arriving with us on the Sunday and staying until the following Saturday, with the appointment at the notary’s office scheduled for the Wednesday. They were driving down from the UK in their car, crossing by ferry to Santander, which is something they had often done in the past when visiting their property. Apparently they used to come on average for about six weeks each year, and had owned property in this area for over ten years – their house in La Drova was their second one.

Property hunters seem to be slightly on the increase now that house prices have fallen to levels not seen in Spain for a very long time. Foreigners who want to buy a home have become aware that Spain now offers good value properties once again, and this is reflected in the fact that Jeanette and Kevin actually had two prospective purchasers who wanted to buy their home!
Spanish Property
Their first couple of days here were spent removing their personal belongings from the house. Although they were selling the property as a fully furnished villa, there were nevertheless items that were not included in the sale that they had kept here, rather than bringing the same things with them each visit. This was of course no problem to do, since everything would fit easily into the back of their car for the return trip to the UK. When Wednesday came, it was time to go to the notary’s office for their appointment to finalise the sale and everything went absolutely according to plan. They returned at lunchtime much relieved, and looking forward to spending the rest of their time here revisiting some of their favourite places and saying farewell to friends they had made in the area.

All too soon Saturday morning arrived, and it was time for our latest property sellers to leave us. Again, they had planned their itinerary well and left us in the morning with a view to having plenty of time to get to the north of the country for the evening ferry back to the UK. It had been great to meet Jeanette and Kevin, but at the same time a pity that we will probably not see them back here for some time. We look forward to seeing them possibly next summer, when we can welcome them back as holidaymakers, rather than property hunters or sellers!