Jun 122013


Family Reunion in Spain

We received a contact from Clare via our Facebook page a couple of weeks ago, to ask if it would be feasible to organise a family reunion at Villa Florencia. The situation was that Clare permanently lives near Alicante with her Spanish husband and four year-old twin daughters, and two sets of her aunts and uncles were going to be having their holidays near Castellón – the next provincial town north of Valencia. The idea was that they could all possibly meet up somewhere between the two points (so on the northern Costa Blanca) and spend some time together. Clare asked if we had overnight accommodation available for the whole group, which we had, and also whether we provide an evening meal service, which of course we do also!

She therefore reserved sufficient accommodation for everyone, and the stage was set for a family reunion on Saturday, with dinner and everyone staying over on Saturday night before departing during the day on Sunday. Clare, her husband and their twins decided to stay in our self-catering apartment, although this was only for their sleeping accommodation as they were fully intending to join the rest of the family for breakfast and of course for dinner on the Saturday night. It suited them very well, however, with the extra space that was available to them and the feeling of extra independence that they also experienced.

Everybody arrived on the Saturday afternoon, and a great time was had catching up on family news, and generally spending some time in each other’s company. It had been a long time since they had seen each other, so the opportunity to meet up in a relaxed atmosphere was very much appreciated by everyone. The twins loved playing with our cats and dogs and swimming in the pool as well, and the weather was perfect for a great day in the garden. Evening meal was served at half past eight on our terrace overlooking the garden and pool, and provided further opportunities for conversation.

The next day, Clare and her family intended to leave in the late morning, but her relatives asked if they could have a sandwich lunch here in the garden before departing to resume their holiday in Castellón. That is exactly how it worked out, with a fond farewell to Clare and her family before settling down to lunch in the shade by the pool. They then felt ready to leave on their journey north – about two and a half hours – and bade us a reluctant good-bye. They would really have liked to stay for longer, as they loved the surroundings in this part of the northern Costa Blanca, and although they had spent many holidays in Spain in the past, they had never explored this part of the country. They said they would almost certainly return to us in the future kn order to do just that, and of course no doubt take the opportunity again to meet up with Clare and her lovely family. We certainly hope they do, as it was a pleasure to have them all stay with us and to see them have such a good time.