Jul 292013

Spanish-Property-2Househunters become Buyers!

Back in April, we had the pleasure of having Mark and Rosalyn stay with us on a Spanish property house-hunting trip. They loved the area and saw several Spanish properties that they thought had possibilities, but their visit was greatly marred by a serious car accident they had. It was not their fault – a car hit them on the wrong side of the road in heavy rain – and they were not seriously injured, but it inevitably cast a shadow over their visit. However, when they left they said they were still keen on the area and that we would see them again.

It was therefore a lovely surprise when they paid an unexpected visit a couple of days ago – they were driving past our house on the way to Gandia. The bigger surprise, however, was that in the interim they had purchased a really lovely Spanish property, a villa in the area at a very realistic price! It turns out they had spotted some properties on another estate agent’s website, had viewed them on a couple of day-trips to area (which is why we had not seen them here as guests again), and decided to go ahead with a purchase. They made an offer for the property at what would be a bargain price – and to their delight it was accepted. This just demonstrates yet again that properties are being sold now – and at prices that once again make Spain the attractive prospect it once was.

We then went to visit them in their new home – initially bought for holiday purposes, but with a view to spending a greater part of the year here once they fully retire. It is a super property on an urbanisation near here, only about 10 or 15 minutes’ drive to Gandia and the wonderful beaches nearby and on the edge of the La Safor mountains – so well located for walks and bike rides there too. It is laid out over two floors, each providing a self-contained living area – a great idea for visiting friends or family! The “main” floor consists of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a well-fitted kitchen and large living/dining area, all with the most spectacular views out over the tiered gardens and pool to the breathtaking mountain tops beyond – a truly exceptional outlook for a home. The lower floor has a further 3 bedrooms, a bathroom and an open-plan living room and kitchen/dining area – yet another example of the bargain properties that can now be purchased here on the Costa Blanca.

An added attraction for Mark and Rosalyn is the fact that the area is well served by budget airlines to both Valencia and Alicante airports – a fact which helped them in their one-day viewing trips. Within little more than a couple of hours they can be over here enjoying the beautiful climate of the Costa Blanca and reaping the benefits of their astute property purchase here in the La Safor region. They are only over here for a few days this time to take over the house and purchase some extra items of furniture (the house was sold with most of its contents as well as a car!) and they plan to return for a longer visit in September, when they will be able to feel that they can truly make it their own. We are really glad for them that their property-hunting exercise here has had such a great outcome, despite a somewhat challenging first visit, and look forward to meeting up with them again in September to see what changes they are thinking of making to their already lovely new home.

If you are thinking about the benefits of buying a property in this part of the Valencia coast, why not consider visiting us on one of our Property Viewing package offers and see what properties can now be bought in the area at prices that once more represent good value for money in an area of outstanding natural beauty?

Jul 142013

Spanish Property HuntingSpanish Property Hunters return for a second look!

A couple of weeks ago we were glad to meet Malcolm who stayed with us for one night only at the end of a property hunting trip to Spain – but that was enough to convince him that this was the part of the country that would be right to look for a home in a serious way. He found a couple of properties that he liked during that visit, so now he returned to us, but this time with his partner Paul, in order to look again at some of the houses he had already viewed before, as well as to look at some others for the first time.

They had in fact been staying in a hotel in the centre of Gandia for a couple of nights before coming to us in order to get a proper feel for the town they were thinking of making their home. This period spent in the town itself only helped to confirm in their minds that Gandia is indeed the vibrant place they had thought, with plenty of heart and soul to it and well able to supply everything they would want for a comfortable life on the Costa Blanca. By the time they arrived at our door they were certain that the La Safor region was the place for them – it was now just a question of finding the right house to make their home!

Malcolm and Paul both felt it would be a good idea to see some different types of property as well – so not only the standard type of spacious villa set in a garden with a pool, but also maybe some traditional townhouses, which could be easier to close down for short periods – when going away on holiday for example. They viewed several of each type – villas and townhouses, in both modern and traditional styles – but pretty much came to the conclusion that a villa in a garden would be better for them, as there would always be plenty to do in a home with some outside space to look after and be creative with. Townhouses have many advantages, but generally lack the outside area that is so important to many people.

They found several properties that they liked, but – as is so often the case – they were not necessarily in the right location. One Spanish Property that particularly grabbed their imagination is one in our own area of Marchuquera but they felt it was in need of some renovations, which would obviously be a cost factor. When they thought about building these anticipated costs into an offer, which they made via an agent to the owner, it appears that (for the moment at least) there is not sufficient room for manoeuvre on either side for a deal to be done.

After their two night stay with us, during which they managed to spend some time relaxing around the pool to think about their life changing move, it was sadly already time to return to England but they felt their time here had been time very well spent. They now have a fairly firm idea of what they want from a Spanish Property here on the Costa Blanca, as well as having gained a lot of knowledge of the Spanish Property market out here generally. They are aware that good properties at realistic prices are once again to be found here in the La Safor area – it is just a question of finding a home that ticks all the boxes for them. However, they are in no great hurry and now know all the boxes they feel need to be ticked, so we look forward to seeing them again – probably in September – when they resume their search after the busy summer holiday season is over.

If you are interested in Spanish Property in the Costa Blanca region of Spain, why not book one of our Independent Property Viewing Trips. We offer you the opportunity to come and see the area without any pressure or obligation.

We are not property agents, solicitors or vendors – we operate a successful accommodation business, but made the move ourselves seven years ago, and have all the contacts if you decide you need them.

Jul 112013

Mountain Biking Holidays Spain

Mountain Biking Holidays Spain

We were delighted when we received a booking from Rob on behalf of himself, his wife Frances and their friends Brian and Christine who wanted to take advantage of one of our all-inclusive mountain biking short break packages. Our offer of a three night stay with bed, breakfast and evening meal included as well as two days guided mountain biking with a packed lunch supplied suited them perfectly. The fact that we also allow a late check-out for these packages (effectively making it a four day break) was also a bonus for them, as their flight home only left in the evening, so they were able to enjoy an extra day around the pool.

They had begun their Spanish holiday in Valencia, and then came to us by train on the Sunday. We collected them from Gandia station and brought them to our casa rural in time for lunch and then a leisurely afternoon around the pool before dinner. They then were keen to have a fairly early night, in preparation for their first day’s mountain biking that lay ahead. Dave Warrington from Mountain Biking Valencia arrived on Monday morning after breakfast to discuss with them the route they might like to take and then they set off for the rest of the day. They followed a beautiful trail that goes along the route of a disused railway line (once from Alcoi to Gandia), starting near Villalonga. It is a mixture of different surfaces and demands varying levels of skill along the way, but certainly nothing too demanding for an experienced group such as this! For much of the way, the route goes beside the Serpis river and is a truly beautiful setting for a mountain bike excursion, and a real eye opener for visitors who are new to the La Safor region and who are unaware of the superb scenery that lies inland from the resorts of the northern Costa Blanca. They returned to us late in the afternoon, having had a genuinely great time and certainly eager for what the next day might offer.

After a very welcome evening meal, they again felt in need of a good night’s sleep before embarking on whatever might be in store for them on Tuesday. Again, the weather was beautiful and they set off for a trip through the Barxeta valley area, visiting the historic inland town of Xátiva and cycling through some of its winding streets, before returning to us – again having had a wonderful time, but very much appreciating the swimming pool for a welcome cool down!

After a final evening meal with us, they were looking forward to spending most of their fourth day with us before we gave them a lift to the station once again – this time for the train to Valencia and then to take the metro direct to the airport in time for their flight back to England. They had had a great time with us, however, and felt that not only had they benefitted from excellent value for money, but also they had enjoyed themselves on their mountain biking excursions in surroundings far more scenically beautiful than they had expected. As a group, they are all keen and experienced mountain bikers so expressed a strong wish to return to us to do more of the same at some point in the future, so we look forward very much to welcoming them back here again. It had been a pleasure to have them stay with us, and hopefully we shall all meet again in the near future on an All-Inclusive Mountain Biking Holidays Spain