Jul 092014

pet friendly gandiaPet Friendly Holidays!

We received a phone call just over a week ago enquiring if we had availability for a couple from Madrid, along with their 7 month old Springer Spaniel called Trufi, who they had recently adopted from a rescue centre. We did have space for the weekend, and so were happy to take their booking and looked forward to their arrival on Saturday.

Their booking was for 3 nights – Saturday, Sunday & Monday – and part of their reason for coming to our part of the Costa Blanca is the fact that Gandia now has a section of beach which is designated for use by owners and their pets, called “Playa Can”. It is fairly unusual to find pet friendly facilities on the Costa Blanca – either in accommodation or an area of beach – so Agustin and his girlfriend were delighted to find that they could enjoy both with us.

They arrived in the late morning of Saturday and as soon as they had put their cases in their room, they headed straight off to the pet friendly beach. They stayed there for the rest of the day, only returning to us in the early evening, when it was time for a shower and change of clothes before heading out into the town for dinner along with Trufi. That was the pattern for their time with us – they would go to the beach for the main part of the day, return to us in the late afternoon for some time around the pool, and then set off out for dinner.

They were especially pleased that Trufi settled in so well with our dogs, and happily played with them, even retrieving toys that usually only our middle sized dog – Aurora – is interested in. As a pair, they would both seek out what had been thrown, one would find and retrieve it, and then they would both eagerly wait for the game to begin again! Seeing Aurora’s love of the water, Trufi even began to feel slightly more relaxed sitting on the pool steps with her owners (she had been very wary of water) but sadly it was soon time for them to return to Madrid. They had had a very happy visit with us and before leaving made enquiries about returning to us in August. We had availability, so a tentative booking is now in place for their return! It had been a genuine pleasure to have such a nice couple visit, and their young dog is a credit to their dog training skills. We look forward very much to seeing them with us again and welcoming them back to our pet friendly accommodation in Gandia, when maybe this time Trufi will become fully at ease in the water, as a Spaniel is meant to be!

Jul 022014

family friendly holidays in SpainFamily Friendly Holidays in Spain

We received an enquiry from Karin and her family last year, asking about the possibility of visiting us last October. However, due to family circumstances they were not able to make the trip so we were delighted when they contacted us again early this year with a view to visiting us in June. Karin, Rogier and their eighteen month old daughter Maite arrived from Holland in the late afternoon and were happy to take advantage of our evening meal service that night even though they were renting our self-catering apartment – there was no need to rush out to the shops straightaway!

They soon settled in to the apartment, and found it suited their needs perfectly. They were staying with us for twelve days so were glad of the extra space, as well as the cot and high chair for Maite, of course! They became firm friends with our dogs and cats and Maite especially loved playing with them around the pool.

Most days they would spend some time in the gardens and pool, although Maite was not an enthusiastic water baby to begin with! However, by the end of their stay she had become quite keen on splashing around in the water with her mum and dad and of course loved the fact that the dogs would come and see her antics. One day, they decided to make an excursion to Valencia city so drove to a nearby station and travelled up by train – a very easy option. They loved the city and were impressed by the historic centre, the Turia gardens and of course the futuristically designed City of Arts and Sciences. Other day trips included the monastery at nearby Simat and of course many trips to the beautiful and award winning beach at Playa de Gandia as well other equally lovely beaches in the vicinity.

They had a really enjoyable holiday with us, and the time for their return to Holland came all too soon. The weather had been perfect for their visit (even possibly a little too warm some days!) and they were sorry to have to return home when they had been having such a pleasant time in the sun. However, they said they would love to return to us in the future, so we hope that we shall see them again – it would be great to welcome them back once more, on another family friendly holiday in Spain!