Nov 102014

Costa Blanca Rock ClimbingCouples Go Climbing!

The autumn is now with us and the weather is cooling down, but with that comes the winter climbing season. Our advertisement in the Rockfax guide “Costa Blanca Rock Climbing” – the rock climbers “bible” – is bringing us many visitors, but also former climbing guests are returning to us. We were really pleased to welcome back Jen and John who visited us in October for another climbing holiday. They had stayed with us back in February this year, and when they left they said they wanted to come back to discover more of the rock climbing opportunities on the Costa Blanca – and so they did! This time they stayed for 10 days to really explore the area and the local climbing crags, and they had a wonderful time. Bellus and Aventador are two particularly well-known crags that are within very easy reach and which they climbed this trip. John and Jen stayed in our self-catering apartment, which suited them perfectly as they could come and go exactly as they pleased and time their meals according to when they returned from a climbing expedition.

Most days they would leave mid-morning for a crag that they had identified the evening before, and return in the late afternoon. The weather was absolutely beautiful, with temperatures in the mid-20’s, so in fact they were able to combine the benefits of a climbing holiday with the chance to get some autumn sunshine in the garden, before having to return home to face the onset of very much colder weather! They even managed some swimming time in the swimming pool too, so they were more than pleased with their time with us.

In many ways, they found their second trip to this part of the northern Costa Blanca even better than their first – they were able to get into the holiday feeling that much quicker since they felt on familiar ground, and of course they were also revisiting some of the crags that they tackled the last time, so again they felt really at home. However, all too soon their ten days came to an end and it was time to return home, but as they left they stated their firm intention to come back again – maybe with some friends in the future – and continue their exploration not only of the climbing crags but also of some of the other attractions that are to be found along this part of the Costa Blanca. We look forward to seeing them in the future.

Another couple who stayed with us on a climbing holiday were Connie and John from the United States, whose time here overlapped slightly with Jen and John’s. However, it suited Connie and John better to stay with us on a B&B basis as they were in totally unfamiliar surroundings. This was their first trip to this part of Spain, and their command of the language was limited, so they felt that they would prefer to be B&B guests and also take advantage of our evening meal service each night, rather than be on a self-catering basis and cope with grocery shopping, etc.

They had done plenty of research before leaving home, so were aware of the great range of crags that awaited them here on the Costa Blanca and they lost no time in making the most of their visit. They drove straight here from Barcelona (their arrival point in the country), and had evening meal before retiring to bed and trying to cope with the issues of the time difference between Europe and the USA. Undeterred by this, however, they were ready for breakfast the next morning and eager for a day on our local rock, Gandia Crag – or Penya Roja as it is known locally.

Again, the weather was very kind to them and they had perfect climbing weather not only on their first day, but for each of the four days they spent with us. They were very pleasantly surprised at the number of climbing crags that are within 40 minutes driving range of us here on the outskirts of Gandia, and by the time it came for them to leave they were wishing they had arranged a longer stay! However, they also wanted to see what was on offer slightly further south from here, and had already booked accommodation with that in mind, so they bade us farewell. They had had a great stay with us though, and the fact that they were able to make use of our evening meal service each night made life so much simpler for them. They were able to come off their chosen crag of the day, return to us for a little relaxation in the garden in the late afternoon sun before dining with us in the evening – and they felt that it was very easy for them to arrange their climbing break with us in that way and take any anxiety away about finding restaurants in unfamiliar surroundings and negotiating menus in an unfamiliar language.

We were sorry to see them leave, but they were truly surprised by what our part of the Costa Blanca had to offer, so they could even return to us for a couple more days before finally flying back home – or of course they might visit us on another Spanish climbing holiday in the future. It would certainly be a pleasure to welcome them back again!