Nov 182014

Cycling on the Costa BlancaCycling on the Costa Blanca

Recently we had a group of five friends visit us, who had come with the main intention of having a rock climbing holiday in the autumn sunshine. However, Conrad and Mark were also keen cyclists as well as climbers, so were delighted when they found out that we could arrange cycle hire for them during the course of their stay.

They went and collected their bicycles from the cycle hire centre which was about 30 minutes drive away and were pleased with the quality of the cycles and the high standard of their maintenance. It would have been possible to hire mountain bikes if that had been their preference, but cycles are what they are accustomed to in the UK and what they felt would be their best option here as well. This made it possible for Conrad and Mark to decide each day how they would spend their time – either climbing a crag in the vicinity or taking a bike trip around the area. Sometimes, thanks to the other members of their group, they were able to combine and complement both activities on the same excursion! They would put their climbing gear into their car which would be driven to the day’s climb by their friends, and they would cycle to the crag, have a climb, and then cycle home again before dark.

In any event, they really enjoyed cycling in the area’s valleys and of course we were able to suggest trips for them, depending on how much time they wanted to spend and the distance they wanted to cover. It really was a great way to take full advantage of some of the Costa Blanca’s outdoor activities all on the same trip! We provided packed lunches too, so they could be totally flexible about where they wanted to ride, without having to think about stopping off at a convenient point to find a café or bar where they could have lunch.

Coupled with the climbing, they had a great time with us and they realised there is still a lot of cycling to do before they get to know all the delights that can be found here on the Costa Blanca when you are enjoying a welcome bit of autumn sunshine. We look forward to seeing them here again to find out more of what the area still has to offer.