Mar 192015

B&B between Barcelona and GranadaSituated on the outskirts of Gandia about halfway down the Mediterranean coast, our bed and breakfast is close to motorway access points from both the north and the south, and are conveniently situated for travellers looking to break their journey.  Many of our guests stay with us for a night or two on the way from Barcelona to Granada or Malaga for example – possibly en route to or from holiday homes or just travelling through the country on a tour of Spain.

We were recently pleased to welcome several such guests who found us a convenient stopping-off point to spend a short time and have a rest from travelling.  Irma and Andre (originally from South Africa but now living in Switzerland) visited us for a couple of nights, taking the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the area in general.  They have in mind that they might want to relocate at some point in the future but are not exactly sure what the various regions of Spain have to offer so stayed with us to see how we had settled in the country and how they liked this area in particular.  They were very pleasantly surprised at how much they felt at home in the La Safor region, commenting that it reminded them of parts of their own home country as far as the mountain scenery and proximity to the sea are concerned.

Another couple to stay for a short break recently during their travels were John and  Maureen (coincidentally from South Africa again!), who had flown to Barcelona.  They live in South Africa but were in Spain for a holiday and were on their way to Malaga, where they were intending to spend more than two weeks exploring the beautiful villages in the mountains there, and also taking trips to Granada and possibly Gibraltar.  They had arrived in Barcelona early in the morning, collected their hire car and reached us mid-afternoon in time for some well-earned relaxation in the sunshine, before dinner and a welcome night’s sleep.  The following day they spent on a trip to the nearby mountains and returned along the coast, so they managed to get a taste of the variety of scenery that this area has to offer.  After that, on the next morning it was time to leave and continue their journey to the south and enjoy the rest of their Spanish holiday.

Sue and Bob – an English couple – also over-nighted with us recently, although they were on their way to their holiday home in the south.  They had visited us last year also, as well as staying on their return trip too, which is also their intention again this time.  They live in France but come to their property in Spain to get some early Spanish sunshine, while the weather in France still has a wintry feel to it.  An added attraction from their point of view is that they bring their beautiful cat Sophie with them and know that it is not a problem at all for her to stay with us.  She is totally secure in their room, and this year seemed to feel quite at home as soon as they arrived!

All of these guests took advantage of our evening meal service as it offers them a very easy and convenient solution during their journey’s break.  Finding a suitable restaurant in unfamiliar surroundings can sometimes be difficult, and the fact that most Spanish restaurants only start serving dinner much later than other nationalities are accustomed to can make it an even less attractive proposition after a long day’s drive.

Our Bed and Breakfast between Barcelona and Granada is close to the main coastal motorway as well as the trunk road  and is the ideal stopping point along the way from one end of the country to the other, and we look forward to welcoming many more such guests during the forthcoming holiday season.